Open Zelda is a free game creation software where people can create their own legends in the style of Link to the Past, while more advance users can take advantage of it's true power and create what their heart desires.

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Recent News

Thursday, 25 April 2013: 2.0 Alpha 1 Released
  • Replaced Alchera based Quest Designer.
  • Quests can now use Content Package, resulting a smaller footprint.
  • [Engine] Minor Changes to Map file format.
  • [Engine] fixed mistake with png loading.
  • [Engine] Redid the map loading code.
  • [Engine] Added support for displaying Input icon in Text.
  • [Engine] Moved the PC's OpenGL functions to a more modern version.
  • [Engine] Switch to XML format for spritesheets.
  • [Engine] Added Sprite Borders.
  • [Editor] Minor Changes to Map file format.
  • [Editor] Switch to XML format for spritesheets.
  • [Editor] Editor will offer to copy project if read only.
  • [Editor] Fix compatible with GTK+ 2.20.
  • [Editor] Update editor's copyright info.
  • [Editor] Editor doesn't lock up when downloading Content Package.
  • [Editor] Made sure the Editor produces correct Packages, Games and Patches.
  • [Editor] Editor now will open projects or import content on file drop.
  • [Editor] Made sure the editor's import, export and patch creation are working and are using threads.
  • [Editor] Minor tweaks to Editor Make files.
  • [Editor] Added Sprite Border.
  • [Editor] drop and drag in the editor is pretty much complete.
  • [Editor] Switch GdkColor to GdkRGBA in the editor, should be still compatible with GTK 2.

Help Needed

Download Open Legends of Zelda

Open Legends of Zelda is the Modern Version of the Open Zelda software, the name of the program was changed as it's not backwards compatible with early version, thus 'Legends of' was added so users wouldn't try outdated methods in this new version.

Version 1.2 for Windows
Filesize: 8230k
Version 1.2 for Linux
Filename: OpenLegendsofZelda-1_2-linux32.tar.bz2
Filesize: 1554k
Version 1.2 for OS X
Filesize: 11584k

Manual installing of the Content Package
If required, you can download the Latest Package to ~/alchera/.mokoi/ (Windows User: c:\User\[YOUR NAME]\alchera\.mokoi\)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the program called Open Legends of Zelda?
It is mainly do the fact that compatible wasn't kept with the classic edition and that it was written from scratch. Starting with 2.0, we be dropping 'Legends of'
How to Join
Simply get involved, Open Zelda rewards actions over words. Sign up at Github and fork the content-package, test for bug or better yet have a read of Blog post on Getting Involved in an Open Source Project.
What programs make up Open Zelda?
Open Zelda is made up of 3 programs:
  • The Player: The program that runs the games. Based on Mokoi Gaming's 'Lux Engine'.
  • Quest Designer: The Editor. Based on Mokoi Gaming's 'Meg'.
  • Content Package: Script and media used with Open Zelda.
What is the connection to Mokoi Gaming?
Mokoi Gaming was inspired by Open Zelda 6 Classic and has been in development as a separate project since 2007. It was the only logical choice for use as the base for next generation of Open Zelda.
What's the different between Open Zelda and Mokoi Gaming?
The main different is that Open Zelda forces you to use the content package.
Can I still download Open Zelda 6 or Classic?
Open Zelda 6, which is now referred to as the Classic Edition can be downloaded from Just remember the Classic Edition isn't supported.
Can I convert Classic Quests to Modern Quest?
A Incomplete guide and tools are available, but it's recommended to start from scratch.

Usage Guide

Continue to the Usage Guide.


Open Zelda was a project started by Greg Denness aka 'GD', originally as a freeware game base on the Zelda universe, then a Zelda Game Maker then finally as a generalize Game Maker.

In late December 2002, 'GD' release the source under the GPL v2 to The project tried to evolve into Open Legends, which plan to supports more then just Zelda games and add new features such as networking.

Open Legends failed in 2006, but one of it's members created Mokoi Gaming, which offered most of the features plan for Open Zelda/Legends, and now serves as the base for this project.

Then in 2009, after failed attempt by others to create the next generation of Open Zelda, a modified version of Mokoi Gaming was release to serve that purpose.

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Engine and Editor Source Code

The Game Engine and Game Editor are released under the terms of ZLIB license (doesn't include 3rd party code).
Hosted at

Game Content Source Code

Game Scripts are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Game Media is copyrighted by Nintendo, which you can not use in any commercial products.
Hosted at


Documentation is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.
Hosted at,

Open Zelda Classic Edition

You can also download the Classic Edition from here, it's available for Windows only and it's recommend not to create any new quest with that version.


Open Zelda is based on Mokoi Gaming Technology.
Extra Programming: luke
Game Scripting: luke. Credits for Open Zelda Classic content goes to Greg Denness, G8orByte, Satanman, HocusPocus and KingOfHeart.
Media Content (Ripped and New): luke (Artwork), El Oso Verde (IT Music), TheChemist (Artwork), GD (Artwork/Sound Effects), G8orByte(Sound Effects), HocusPocus (Artwork) and Zelda Reorchestrated (OGG Music).
Original Idea: Greg Denness.

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